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    Don't like the rides this weekend?  Noticed that there are a lot of leaderless rides lately?  Don't like the type of rides that you see weekend after weekend?  Have a great idea for a fun ride?  Need club clothing?  These are all great reason to lead your own ride.

    Look at our procedures to make it easier for you to lead the ride at Lead Rider's Materials web page.

    There are many different levels and types of riders in this club, but unfortunately many of us choose not to ride with the club because it is not the type of ride that we like.  You may be surprised at how many other members feel the same as you do or like the same kinds of rides that you do.  There is nothing wrong with having more that one ride scheduled on a day or at different times.  There are over 100 members in this club and at best you will see 20 people on a ride.  This tells me that we need to appeal to more people. 

    Make a difference and lead a ride.   Leading a ride is fun and only requires you to pick a route, a date and a time.   It's that easy.  People will thank you for leading them to enjoyable rides.  If you would like to take an active part in the weekend rides then please e-mail the ride coordinator.  Here's a check list

  1. Select a date for the ride.
  2. Select a start/end point for the ride.
  3. Design (or select from listing of rides) route of ride.
  4. Determine if ride is to be an A, B or C ride (how fast do you want to ride and can you ride over the prescribed route).
  5. Select a start time.
  6. Show up for the ride 15 minutes before roll out.
  7. Give a brief introduction of yourself and the route including planned regroups and rest stops, ask if anyone plans on early cut-off or other reason they plan to leave the ride. Ask for someone to assist you if needed.
  8. Let the riders introduce themselves.
  9. Remind all about ride safety, pacelines and rules of the road.
  10. Enjoy the ride and make sure all make to back to the start point.

 email John Matocq at



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