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Communications and Radio
In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 and provide your location, including the road mile marking if possible.

The Marin Cyclists Club works with the Marin Amateur Radio club to help support the ride. Despite our proximity to the major metropolitan area of San Francisco, much of the course lies in West Marin, which is still very rural. Cell phones are useless on much of the course. We work with this fine volunteer group of radio experts to link our rest stops and some sags to our base at the start/finish. This communication network is for the sole use of facilitating the administration of the event and emergencies. 

The Marin Cyclists Bicycle Club and the Marin Century ride director reserve the right to refuse entry, disqualify, or remove anyone from the course for reasons of the their own safety, for the safety of others, for violation of any rules above or of the California vehicle code or for any other reason including the well being of the rider, other riders, the ride or the Marin Cyclist Club. The ride director's decision is final! 

Rest Stops

Rest stops are space 15-30 miles apart. There are 6 rest stops on the 220Km route, 4 rest stops on the 100-mile route, and 3 rest stops on the 100Km route. Each provides restrooms, food, and drink (see below). 

The open times for all rest stops are based on the potential for a rider to reach the rest stop if averaging 12-15 mph. If you are riding faster than 17 mph or start early, you may outrun a rest stop or two.

The Marin Cyclist Bike Club rides have earned a reputation for providing great food and lots of it. Exact selections and quantities vary from year to year based upon availability and feedback from riders like you. Per your requests we are pleased to announce that we will be providing more gluten free and vegetarian options.
Most of the rest stops have fruits, nuts, peanut butter, jam, cream cheese, bagels, crackers, cookies, V-8, sodas, Gatorade, Cliff Bars, Cliff Gel etc. In addition there will be a surprise treat or two at some of the rest stops.   There is no formal lunch as there are plenty of food options at all major rest stops...and of course a delicious post ride feast tops off the ride. 
The Marin Cyclists provides a free “after ride” meal for all riders (and volunteers) at the Finish.  The feast includes Chicken BBQ (the chicken BBQ ends at 5 PM) plus pizza, Chipotle burritos, green salads, pasta salads, fruit salads, roasted veggies, watermelon, locally sourced cookies, Haagen Daz ice cream, Fiorello's Gelato, drinks, and more! You will not leave hungry!

Restrooms and/or porta potties are available at all rest stops. Restrooms are available at the Petaluma, top of Mt. Tam, at the Pan-toll Ranger Station (junction of Pantoll Rd. and Panoramic Hwy), Pt Reyes Station and Tomales.  

SAG (Support and Gear/Support Aid Group)
The Marin Cyclist club will have marked sag wagons patrolling the entire route. Each sag is equipped with tools and supplies to repair minor bike problems (flats, etc).

SAG support is not the same as a taxi. We have had several riders try to direct sags to take them immediately back to the Start or forward on the course to “catch their friends”. Sorry friends. Our SAGs are on the course for everyone’s safety and the best we may be able to do is move you forward to the next rest stop where you will have to wait until another SAG can move you one more rest stop (and on and on to the finish). We will make every effort to accommodate you. 


Use of personal SAGs in this event is prohibited. Any rider making use of personal SAG will be disqualified from the ride and will never be allowed to register for the ride again. Personal SAGs increase the risks and dangers to other riders by increasing traffic and potentially making unpredictable turns or stops and create an unfair advantage reducing the challenge of the event. 

Course Marshals

Marshals will patrol the Century route.  This includes all of the 50Km, 100Km and Marin Century (traditional course).  Only the Century portion of the 220Km will have marshal coverage. However, there are SAGs on all courses and radio communication & Red Cross at all major rest stops. Please recognize riders start in a 5 hour window and ride at various speeds meaning riders are spread out over a huge geographic area. Accordingly, you may not see many marshals, but we have dozens on the course. Along those lines, it's always nice to ask a stranded rider if they need assistance.  


The Marin Cyclists Bicycle Club works with several local bike shops to provide some mechanical support at the start/finish as well as at some of the rest stops.  While this arrangement may not be able to fix serious issues, it should be able to resolve minor ones to allow you to potentially finish. If the mechanic recommends that your bike is not safe to continue on, we ask that you respect this recommendation and allow us to SAG you to the finish. For your own safety and the safety of others, PLEASE have maintenance performed on your bicycle BEFORE the event.

The Marin Cyclists Bicycle Club contracts with Beedle and Associates to help support the ride. Certified first aid  personnel will be at the Start/Finish and will also have substations at some rest stops. While everyone rides at their own risk, we try to do what we can to make your ride as safe and rewarding as we can. We are thankful that there has never been a serious injury in the 40+ years of this organized ride and we wish to keep it that way.

Safety / Rules of the Road
This is not a race. There is no winner.
• Helmets must be worn at all times during the ride.
• All riders must carry a driver's license or other form of ID.
• All riders are responsible for the safety and condition of their bicycle and other ride-related equipment.

• Riders must carry:

• Spare tube
• Patch kit
• Pump
• Tire irons
• Tools
• Water bottles
• Telephone money
• Medical identification
• Personal clothing

• All riders must check-in at start.
• All riders must sign the release form before starting the ride.
• All riders under 18 years of age must have the form signed by a parent or guardian and      carry the medical release authorizing any needed treatment.
• Please be courteous to local drivers and respectful of traffic.
• Bicyclists must obey all California Vehicle code laws, including all stop signs and signals.     Local authorities may cite violators.
• Ride single file and stay right. RIDE RIGHT.
• All pace line leaders should announce “on your left” to all riders being passed.
• Riding in a pace line is inherently dangerous. You assume all liabilities for riding in a pace    line.
• Exercise extreme caution near all pace lines.
• Riders impeding other riders shall safely stay as far right as possible or pull off the road if    necessary allowing faster riders to pass.
• You must wear your assigned rider bib number on your back so it can be seen from cars      behind you. You may not be allowed into Rest Stops without your bib number visible.
• Your bib number is the same color as your course arrows.
• Private SAG vehicles are prohibited. Riders with private sags will be disqualified.



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