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Here are just a few of the 1000's of comments from our Rider Surveys of the past several years.

Overall experience:
  • Amazing! I have never seen such a well organized group of volunteers putting on six rides on overlapping courses simultaneously demonstrate such meticulous attention to all logistical details, from course design and signage to rider safety and food at all the stops. 
  • I've been on a lot of great rides but is by the most organized and supported.  An absolutely superb event.
  • First time at the Marin Century - I was REALLY impressed with how organized and well run it is.
  • Best century ride ever!
  • Course was gorgeous - great ride and great event.
  • Gets better every year...
  • Great experience riding my bike with my friends in a beautiful setting. It was awesome!  
  • I was really impressed with every part of the day.  The volunteers were fantastic.  The course was challenging but not overwhelming and the spacing of the rest stops was optimal.
  • Impeccable experience. In other words, wonderful, excellent!
  • This was my first century.  I told everyone who asked me after the ride how well planned and organize the entire ride was. You guys really nailed it!
  • I did 9 centuries this year, this is my favorite. The rest stops, the food, after ride meal are the best and I love the cool weather.
  • Loved getting my registration packet mailed to me before the ride. 
  • The website and signups were very clear and the parking maps were great.
  • You do an outstanding job.  The transfer process is best in class.
 Rest stops:
  • Rest stops were beautiful - clean port a johns, food beautifully displayed. Great that server handed to you for health safety. Loved the forks.
  • The rest stops and lunch are the reason I keep coming back to this ride.  Keep up with the figs and other fresh fruit.
  • Excellent rest stops,  Food, locations, volunteer staff were all great!
  • WONDERFUL food at the rest stops.  
  • Great stops,  great volunteers. Great food and drink.  Live music!
Course Safety:
  • Really appreciate the CHP closures/directing traffic. Nice to see course marshals.
  • Love making the climbs with CHP support for the big climbs. My favorite safety feature!!
  • Honestly the best ride I have been on in terms of safety. Really like having people ride the course helping out with radio's. 
  • Who else gets lane closures? Holy cow!!
  • The Course Marshals were wonderful.
  • I was really impressed with the course safety and sign placement.  I work as cycling guide and I have to say it was top notch.
  • Course was the best marked I've ever ridden! Awesome not to need a route sheet since I have a hard time seeing it anyway. 
Post Ride Food:
  • The post ride food was amazing! Definitely lived up to all the expectations set by previous years comments.
  • The food was the best of any event I have ever done.
  • The post ride food was really good - the salad was great, so were the grilled veggies, chocolate milk and ice cream.
  • Post ride food is awesome!!! Thanks for having lots of it even at 10 pm for the Double Century riders.
  • Loved all the gluten free options especially the pizza.

  • My Marin Century went from a nightmare (broken crank arm) to a dream thanks to the volunteers at the Coleman loop rest stop. They were so supportive, got me SAG support, and kept my ride going. Super kudos to them! 
  • Thanks to all the volunteers! They were great -- friendly, responsive, helpful and positive. Good crew, well trained.
  • I want to thank everyone involved. You all ROCK. I volunteer for several organizations each year and participate in organized rides of all sorts every year; The MC is the very best of the best. Keep up the great work.
  • The best food at rest stops. Hands down. I thought I had experienced well-supported rides, but this was fantastic. Course marshals everywhere to help, friendly volunteers, amazing food, healthy options, wide variety. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  • It was great - there was everything and more! I couldn't even eat all of what was offered. The Tomales Bakery focaccia bread and cheese at the second (Petaluma) rest stop were fantastic. Maybe have those at the 1st and 3rd (Nicasio) stop, too?
  • No problems at all; you guys had the best rest stop food ever! The local offerings from bakeries in the area of each of the two or three rest stop that had them were fantastic -- chocolate croissants in Point Reyes and the focaccia at Valley Ford. And please keep the brie!
  • I thought the food selection was fantastic! Loved the focaccia  bread (raisin and rosemary) and the cheese twists and cinnamon twists. I heard from Tomales bakery, outstanding! I would have liked a protein option (chicken, turkey) sandwich. Loved the fresh, ripe fruit.
  • Course safety was the best I've seen on an organized ride - the ride cyclists and motorcyclists were also great.
  • Love having CHP on Lucas Valley Rd. Also surprised to see them later on the Mt Tam route. Very nice.
  • You did a great job here. I probably felt safest on this ride of any I did this year. Loved the lane closures.
  • This is the best marked (arrows) and most safely marked (signs, cones, etc) route I've ever ridden.  I appreciate the volunteers directing us at confusing or possibly dangerous intersections.  Kudos on getting the roads closed at crucial spots!
  • I every time I needed something someone was there be it course marshals, CHP, etc. The best was the Sram sag car.   Its was great to have a help for your bike along the road when you’re not sure if you could make it to the next rest stop and hope there is a bike mechanic booth.
  • I must say, that it was one of the best organized rides we have done.  We do 1-3 per year.  We loved the route, thought it was very safe, food and drink was good.  Overall excellent.
  • For me this is the Gold Standard on how organized bike rides should be run. I love the fact that the ride caters to all classes of riders and the rest stops are always well stocked.
  • ABSOLUTELY awesome event. Better than any marathon, IronMan or event I have ever seen. I was so impressed from beginning to end.
  • I crashed last year and was sagged from the Petaluma Stop.  This year I completed the century.  You guys run an excellent event.  Although I live in Southern California, this date works perfectly for me and I plan to participate each year.
  • Excellent! So excellent! I wish all century rides were like this one, and VERY well priced. Bravo.
  • This was the toughest ride I have ever done, but the event was very well supported, signage was excellent, food was plentiful and appetizing, and the volunteers were great.
  • Absolutely wonderful event. Wonderfully organized, great start/finish/expo area, great rest stops, post ride food was great. Chocolate croissants from Bovine Bakery at the Pt. Reyes Station rest stop were fantastic! The volunteers were all amazing, those at the Pt. Reyes Station rest stop were absolutely amazing! (e.g. "Can I park your bike for you?", "Fill your water bottle for you?",etc.). Thank you so very much for putting on a spectacular event!
  • The Marin Century is by far the best thought out century ride I have ever experience.  You really have your act together and are constantly trying to improve.
  • The Mt Tam route is beautiful, and the roads are in fantastic condition.  Staff & volunteers are so friendly; the produce selection (pluots, cherries, strawberries, nectarines, and figs!!) was fantastic, as were the brie cheese & crackers.  This is my favorite bay area event.
  • The Marin Century seems to get better each year. I always look forward to it. Every year I meet lots of new people/make new friends on this ride because people are very sociable. Riders also look out for each other. volunteers, SAG, CHP and others do an excellent job making this event a success. I live in Modesto and every February I wait for e-mail showing opening of this event. I sign up the same day. I make every effort to make this ride. I have a very understanding boss when it comes to this ride.
  • I know this survey is looking for improvements, but this is seriously the best organized / run cycling event I do every year. I look forward to it.
  • You did a great job, we ride tons of organized rides, this was great. A thank you to all.
  • The ride is extremely well organized, and well thought out - thanks to all of the volunteers and everyone that put thought and effort into this! All of the hard work really shows.
  • Broke a derailleur cable 38 miles out, and received excellent assistance from course marshal Sean, and SAG driver Chris. This was my first bicycle rally, and I couldn't feel more supported, from start to finish.  I'll definitely be back.
  • Your volunteers were simply hands down the best I have ever seen in an event like this. Kudos to you all for wonderful spirit, thoughtfulness, and the joy that was palpable. I needed 1st aid treatment at Walker Creek (icing of foot neuroma) and they could not have been more professional and kind. Truly well done!
  • Honestly, I can't think of anything that wasn't done really well.  I appreciate your efforts to make it better.  I've done my share of centuries over the years.  This one is the best, most sophisticated and most well run.  I waited in NO LINES anywhere, which is staggering given the number of riders.  If you improved NOTHING over this year, I would be most satisfied.  Thank you for all the care and attention for us riders.  In my opinion, you are the "Gold Standard".
  • The volunteers were amazing - energetic, fun and friendly. I know it is a very long day for them so THANK YOU.  The ride itself (pre, during, post) was awesome. Very well organized!  SAG cars were everywhere!  they came by within minutes of me stopping (I was ok each time) but it was nice to know they were there.  Great jersey design too. Could have done without the backside of Wilson Hill, though. ;).



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